Babken Vardanyan

A perfectionist with deadlines.

(Yes, I just stole Django's motto.)


Hi there!

I am a Web Developer with 2+ years of professional programming experience. I have worked with Java, Python and C.

I have a proven record of getting work done in a short amount of time while having well-tested and high quality code. I love and thrive on challenges.

My weapon of choice is Python and Django. I love Python's philosophy of keep it simple, readable and flexible. But I am open to offers to work on other software stacks as well.

I have master's degree in Computer Science.

I have worked on 2 large scale software projects CallMonkey and Bayazet during my time at SFL LLC.

Any questions? Interested in my skills? Don't hesitate to contact me!

My Work Experience

Basic IT Center

I currently work as a Java Programming Instructor at Basic IT Center since September 2017.

I am teaching students programming from the very basics. I teach everything thoroughly - don't just skip over low-level stuff, console, TDD, VCS.


I worked as a Java Web Application Developer at SFL LLC for 17 months.

I was involved in several large scale projects, being one of the main contributors. My colleagues loved my dedication and passion for work.


Unibank Armenia CJSC

I worked as an Information Security Administrator at Unibank Armenia CJSC for 8 months.

My job involved administration and monitoring of several critical security servers including the antivirus, logging servers, domain controllers and network infrastructure components. My responsibilities also included log analysis, defining software security requirements and carrying out white-hat network penetration tests. I was working closely with the IT team to ensure the continuous operation of systems.

During my employment Unibank was preparing for the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security certification. I was involved in defining and enforcing company's information security policies. The bank has since successfully received this and several other certificates during my employment at 2015.

My colleagues admired my problem solving skills and ability to find clever solutions to problems.

My Education

National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

I studied at NAS RA from 2014 to 2016. I received my master's degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering.

State Engineering University of Armenia

I studied at State Engineering University of Armenia from 2010 to 2014. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and Informatics. My speciality was Information Security.

My Portfolio

CallMonkey Logo


  • Team size: 9
  • Lines of code: 700,000+
  • Microservices: 30+
  • My role: Java Backend Developer

CallMonkey is an online platform for managing call centers. It allows to manage the whole cycle of marketing and sales, from suspects to orders to recycling. CallMonkey utilizes some complex logic behind the scenes to deliver the best experience to phone operators and company administrators. It has a huge, dynamic and customizable database of address information.

Our team has managed this complexity by using Big Data solutions like MongoDB and Elasticsearch. We have separated the complex logic using microservices architecture and containerization systems like Docker and Kubernetes.

The project is generating great revenue since 2016.

I was involved in this project while working at SFL LLC.

Bayazet logo


  • Team size: 7
  • Lines of code: 500,000+
  • My role: Java Backend and Frontend Developer

Bayazet is a Border Management Information System. It is a distributed system for managing the processes at the borders as well as visa issuance management. Bayazet's objectives are simplifying the processes of administrative registration and increasing accountability.

Bayazet is currently being used by the border control service of Republic of Armenia, my homeland. If you ever visit my country, your information will be processed and stored using the algorithms that I wrote.

Bayazet has very strict requirements from the perspective of availability, performance and reliability. It has a huge and ever-growing database of users.

Our team has managed this amount of complexity by implementing a large number of custom complex algorithmic solutions and employing technologies like Elasticsearch, Oracle Database and Oracle Business Intelligence.

I was involved in this project while working at SFL LLC.

Lazydevelo logo

My Personal Website

  • Team size: 1
  • Lines of code: 1,000+
  • My role: Django Backend, Uikit Frontend, DevOps, Administrator

My personal website, written in Python/Django/Uikit. Deployed on Nginx/Gunicorn/DigitalOcean.

Contains my professional Resume/CV.

Arch Linux logo

Arch Linux Wiki

I made several significant contributions to Arch Linux Wiki. Besides correcting and refining countless existing articles, I have single handedly written several all-encompassing articles from scratch about NmapMetasploit Framework,YouCompleteMe. I have made these contributions while looking for a professional job.

GitHub logo


I have created various tools, scripts, snippets, articles at GitHub both during my professional career and while studying at uni.

StackOverflow logo

Stack Overflow

I have made several contributions in form of answers and questions to Stack Overflow and other sites of Stack Exchange network, including AskUbuntu, SuperUser, Unix/Linux, Security, Tex/LaTeX.

My Skills

Java, Python, C, Unix Shell (Bash), SQL, Powershell, Regex, x86 Assembly
Spring Framework, Hibernate, Jersey
Uikit, Google Web Toolkit
Apache, NginX, Tomcat, Jetty, Gunicorn
Mockito, EasyMock, JUnit
Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle DB
javac, GCC, Clang, MinGW, Nasm, Mono
Sonar, SPlint/Lint, Pylint, Valgrind
Bamboo, Maven, Makefile, CMake
Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Vim, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Visual Studio
LATEX, Mediawiki, HTML, XML, GitHub Markdown, Groff
Ansible, Supervisor, Zsh, SSH, APT, yum, systemd, initscripts, iproute2, Cron, Sed, Grep
Nmap, Metasploit, ss/netstat, tcpdump, Rsyslog, sqlmap
Kubernetes, Docker, VirtualBox, Wine, QEMU

My Languages

  1. Հայերեն
  2. English (TOEFL score: 109/120)
  3. Русский
  4. Deutsch
  5. ქართული

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